ࡱ> HJG5@ %bjbj22 "@XX2222222FJ J J J < ,F'2 '''''''$(R ++'2 +'22 @'.2 2 ''$22& ~J v%'V'0'1%+CF+(&FF2222&+21& l|dLS +'+'FF J  FFJ Government Socialist Republic of Vietnam No: 101/2003/ND-CP Independence-Freedom-Happiness --------------------------------------------- Hanoi, September 03, 2003 GOVERNMENT DECREE ON Functions, duties, authorities and organisational structure of The General Statistics Office (GSO) --------------------------------------------- THE GOVERNMENT Based on the Government Organisational Law dated 25 December 2001; Based on the Government Decree No 30/2003/ND-CP dated o1 April 2003 on functions, duties, authorities and organisational structure of agencies under Government; Considering requests from the GSO Director-General and the Minister of Internal Affaires, DECREES Article 1. Position and function GSO is a governmental body that executes functions and authorities of state management on statistics; conducts the statistical operations and provides social and economic statistical information to bodies and organisations and individuals in accordance with the countrys law; carries out state management on public services and executes specific duties and authorities of the representative owner of the state capital at government financed enterprises under management of GSO in accordance with current law. Article 2. Duties and authorities GSO is responsible of executing its following duties and authorities of state management in the field and area of statistics as a governmental agency according to Government Decree No. 30/2003/ND-CP dated April 01 2003 that specified functions, duties, authorities and organisational structure for governmental agencies. Presiding or participating in drafting statistical legal documents on government assignment. Submitting to the Government and the Prime Minister statistical strategies and projections on a long-term, 5year and yearly basis, and other important projects of GSO. Submitting to the Government for specification of the right of issuing statistical classifications (except for those under the peoples court and peoples court of investigation). Submitting to the Prime Minister for issuing the national system of indicators, primary statistical reporting system, official statistical system, long term and yearly statistical censuses and surveys in accordance with current law. Submitting to the Minister who is assigned by the Prime Minister the task of signing statistical legal documents in accordance with the law. Guiding, checking and taking responsibility to execute statistical legal documents, statistical strategies and programs, national indicators system when they are approved; publicizing, disseminating and educating statistical legal documents and information. Providing technical guidance and support to ministries, ministerial equivalent agencies, governmental agencies, people Supreme Court, people Supreme Court of investigation, and provincial people committees in making their statistical reports, surveys and classifications within GSO competence. Technically assessing the statistical report system, survey plans of ministerial equivalent agencies, governmental agencies, the people supreme court, the people supreme investigation court and provincial/city people committees that are under direct management of the Government. Conducting collection of social-economic statistical information, establishing and managing national database on social-economic statistical information in accordance with the law. Submitting to the Government monthly, quarterly and annual general statistical reports on social-economic situation, implementation of national goals and programmes, completed levels for national targets and plans; statistical analytic reports and annual forecasts on social-economic development. Helping the Government in uniform controlling of social-economic information release in accordance of the law. Releasing statistical information of the national statistical indicators system; providing social-economic statistical data to agencies, organisations and individuals in accordance with the law; taking responsibility of the reliance of published information. Compiling and publishing the statistical year book and other statistical publications of Vietnam and international statistics; carrying out the international comparison of statistics. Managing investment and construction projects within GSO competence in accordance with the law. Carrying out international cooperation in the field of statistics in accordance with the law. Organizing and steering the implementation of statistical scientific research plans, applying modern techniques in the centralised statistical system. Deciding on policies and measures, and steering all public service operations within the centralised statistical system in accordance with the law; managing and guiding operations of GSO public service units. Implementing some concrete duties and powers of the representative owner of Government capital in GSO Government capitalised enterprises in accordance with the law. Checking and inspecting and settling complaint and accusing cases; fighting against corruptions and treating any statistical violations within GSO powers. Making decision and guiding the implementation of GSO administrative reform programme approved by the Government. Managing and organising the staffing machinery; guiding implementation of the salary and wage system and policies for behaving, rewarding and penalising Government staff under management of GSO; providing them with statistical trainings. Managing finance and assets given to GSO and conducting implementation of allocated budget in accordance with the law. Article 3. Organisational system of the GSO The organisational system of GSO is vertical, from central to local level, which comprises: GSO Headquarters at the central level; Local statistical offices under direct management of GSO in provinces or cities under management of central government; Local statistical bureaux under direct management of provincial statistical offices in districts or provincial cities/towns. Article 4. Organisational structure of GSO Headquarters a/ Bodies assist the GSO Director-General in executing his duties and powers of state management: National Accounts Department; Statistical Methodology Department; Integral Statistics Department; Industrial and Constructional Statistics Department; Agricultural, Forestry & Fishing Statistics Department; Trade, Services & Prices Statistics Department; Population & Labour Statistics Department; Social and Environmental Statistics Department; International Cooperation Department; Personnel Department; Planning and Financial Department; Inspection Department; Administrative and General Affaires Department. b/ Public service units under direct management of GSO: Statistical Science Institute; Statistical Informatics Centre; Statistical Documentation Centre; Statistical Journal. The GSO Director-General is vested to decide on the organisation of other available public service units in GSO. Article 5. Effectiveness This Decree will be in effect after 15 days since its publication in the gazette and replace the Government Decree No. 23/CP dated 23/3/1994 on functions, duties, powers and organisational structure of GSO. Article 6. Responsibility The GSO Director-General, Ministers, Heads of ministerial equivalent agencies, Heads of Governmental agencies and Chairmen of provincial Peoples Committees will be responsible for executing this Decree./. 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